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Thread: Lead? In computer cables?

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    Lead? In computer cables?

    I just bought a new usb joystick to hook up and play flight simulator, when i opened it up there was a big yellow stick on the usb cord saying it contains lead and to wash my hands after touching the cord.
    I didn't think that lead was in computer cables, is this sticker a mistake, if there is lead for what?

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    I wouldn't have thought there'd be lead in computer cables, it'd probably interfere with the signal too much. Besides, do you wash your hands each time you move a computer cable? I don't think so. It's probably a mistake, although your best bet is to contact the manufacturer and ask them, because they should be able to tell you for sure.
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    It's just the company lawyer playing CYA.
    Yeah, there's probably lead in it. Soldered connections
    almost always use lead, so most electronic devices have some lead
    in them.

    The lead in there is no threat to anyone. Lead in its normal
    metallic form is quite hard for the body to absorb, even if you
    ate it. It's volatile and unstable compounds that you need
    to worry about. That's why lead is no longer put into
    gasoline or paint.
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    Weird? what make is it?

    I could understand that there might be some lead shielding to protect from EMP/EMF, but only in a "gray lady" or a B-52?

    I think that rcgreen probably has the answer

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    It's so Superman can't see through them

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