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Thread: happy holidays

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    happy holidays

    hope everyone has a safe and awesome holiday season. Happy holidays everyone

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    And the same to you sir!

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    Happy holidays everyone!

    I just had my Christmas dinner with an old childhood friend and his family. They lived across the street from us for like 15 years before they moved out, so we were really close when they moved out. One of them got an old orignald nintendo someone bough off ebay. So it was like, me and my sister and out two closest childhood friends playing Super Mario Bros. 3 in thier basement again for tyhe first time in 10 years. What a blast from the past. We were even fighting over whose turn it was next. Only this time we were drunk and one of us has a son. The game kept getting interrupted 'coz the little tyke wouldn't fall asleep for all the noise we were making.

    I felt young again and old all at the same time. But I did have a wonderful Christmas so far with family and friends.

    Merry Christmas Everyone.
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    also merry christmas to you peeps i had a wonderful day today. i am only 13 therefore i enjoyed my new ps2 games and dvds! and even a new tv. lots of other thing including clothes. i hope everyone had fun!

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    Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone

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