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Thread: Christmas gift: an AntiOnline Sidebar!

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    Lightbulb Christmas gift: an AntiOnline Sidebar!

    Hello AOers. Here is my (very) little christmas gift to you.

    Do you remember our good old AntiOnline new posts ticker? JP had created it in order to allow Windows users to view easily new posts without being logged in. All the details about it are here.

    I decided to make with it something I wanted to do for a long time: An AO tab for my Mozilla sidebar. This sidebar is implemented on Mozilla and on Netscape 6-7, but is too often forgotten. That's why I have created a very simple script in order to implement the AO ticker in it.
    You simply have to follow this link and to click on the "AntiOnline Ticker, by KissCool". The new tab will be instantly installed in your sidebar.

    Known bugs:
    - Ugly design.
    - Scrolling too fast if you don't move your cursor on it.
    - the end of the ticker disappears too quickly to be read.
    But all those bugs are directly linked to the ticker itself, and I cannot change it. Maybe will the AO staff improve it one day.

    I hope you have a merry christmas.
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    Thank you KissCool, I had forgotten about the one JP had made, and since I use Mozzila Firebird now, yours works great.
    Heh heh, now maybe I won't have to refresh so much.
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    My previous link is broken, now, because of my host which lost all my personal datas. So, here is directly the html page which contains the sidebar script.
    Download it, unzip it, read it, and click on the "AntiOnline Ticker, by KissCool".

    That's all.
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    Thanks for the Update KissCool.

    Do you mind if i pull it apart and have a look at it's running gear??
    It'd be nice to see how something like this operates.

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    You have the script. Do it what you want.
    You will see it is very unsophisticated. I have simply adapted some lines of code from a Netscape developper guide.

    What would probably be more interesting would be the code of the ticker itself. It is hosted by AntiOnline and could still be improved.
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    Cheers, just thought i'd do the right thing and ask for permission first..

    I'm gonna try and add some more features onto it, don't know what yet i'll wait to see what's inside then i'll think of some possible add-ons..


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