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Thread: Web hosting on YOUR system.

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    Web hosting on YOUR system.

    Turn your computer into a web hosting server in just 4 steps

    Step1 - get a web server:

    How about some free Web servers that turns your boring box into a live server:
    No problem there are quite a few of them out there to name a lot here they are

    http://httpd.apache.org - Apache

    Of cource who hasn't heard of the great apache server. The one that has taken control of the web ust like Linux. Avail for all platforms with complete documentation.

    http://www.aprelium.com - Abyss web server

    A free, powerful and highly customisable web server for which you add ultimately any add-ons. This server even comes with 24/7 tech support. You can even get many resources from its site. Avail for Win, Unix and solaris platforms.

    http://www.xitami.com - Xiopen

    Xitami is again one of the many famous servers. It comes equipped with the complete documentation. Great administrative properties. It even has an ftp server. It's only disadvantage is thatthe password stored in the .conf file is not encrypted at all. Just plain text.

    http://www.badblue.com - Badblue

    This is a small(really small) server that at first is configured ONLY for family use. It comes equipped with some tute on how to PHP or ASP or something. Although I' not quite sure of its security, I feel that it is easily penetratable.

    http://www.omnicron.ca - Omni

    This is also another quitepowerful server. It can be easily configured through the aministration. And it is very small in the size too. Really small.
    FTP servers:

    Remember that Xitmai comes with a FTP server too.
    But if do want a ftp server try Serve-U form Rhinosoft
    It donot know much of any other good ftp servers but try searching in GOOGLE or somewhere.

    If you also want mail for your site try Eudora. I'm not quite familiar with it so I cant tell you any details about it but all I can say is that it is avail for win, linux and solaris platforms.

    If youre usng a 24 hrs online service or Dial-up service and have a dynamic ip , it dosn't matter , I would perfer that you use

    Step2 - Get a DNS server(optional):

    for both dynamic and static ip.
    prfered for dynamic ip.
    a google or altavista search would help too.

    Step3 - Protect yourself:

    And the final step is to protect yourself from invaders who want to compramise your system. For this find your self some good AntiVirses(from here on reffered as AV's) an FireWalls. How hard can that be. I mean after all you are in on of the best security web sites there is.

    Some considerable AV's

    Although many of you already have an AV, you have to configure it such that you should allow only required connections. Remember try to secure your ports as much as possible. Never open un necessary ports. In order to run a serverbasically you req. only two ports - 80, 21.
    80 is the HTTP server port.
    21 is the FTP server port.

    Search for the materials you need to prepare with in the security discussion forums. And if you REALLY want you privacy, try getting firewalls. For ex. Blackice. Also search web sites like http://www.packetstormsecurity.nl and http://www.openwall.com
    Also use programs like Snort - http://www.snort.org
    Unix detection tools for scanning:
    1) Scanlogd - http://www.openwall.com
    2)Courtney - http://www.packetstorm.securify.com/unix/audit/

    For windows:
    1)Genius - http://www.indiesoft.com
    2)BlackIce - http://www.networkice.com

    Thas all the info I can give you on anti-scanning. You can check the following articles to prevent yourself:

    http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=248889 Microsoft security related
    Firewall related
    http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=252619 - How to firewall??
    http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=252585 - A few firewalls.

    Web security
    http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=252616 - Protect yourself.
    http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=252405 - steps to take if you're hacked

    http://www.antionline.com/forumdispl...?s=&forumid=51 Net work security

    http://www.antionline.com/forumdispl...?s=&forumid=73 If you want cryptography for you page

    Thats it in this article. And a warm Thank You for reading this article.
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    well, its not easy to get an ip right now. if we use the dialup conn, the ip would be change every time we disconnect and DNS is refer to the ip in DNS server. Meaning that if u wan to get just one ip forever, the server must be running 24/7 without loose connection.... Get fix ip but the server always online 24/7.
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    Well I have two things to say against your comment(no offence)

    first of all Though you have a dynamic ip, softwares like from http://www.cjb.net http://www.tzo.com can be run every time you log on to the net. It updates your ip in the server. This way you can have web sites thst run in expected durations.

    The second option is of getting(could bebuying) a static ip. It is reserved just for you every time you login.

    Thank You
    There are 10 kinds people on Earth.
    Those who know Binary and those who dont.


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    You can't buy a static IP that easily, you have to be assigned a block by one of the registries (such as RIPE in Europe). Single IPs are difficult to route and so you can't just say 'oh, I'd like that particular IP which no-one else is using' like you can with a domain name.

    I have a static IP with my broadband connection, regardless of whether I'm online 24/7 or not, but if I change ISPs I lose it because it belongs to the group of IPs that are assigned to my ISP.
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    Yes I agree that You have to use RIPE in some areas but my ISP(NetOne) here in India offers things like free setup for such things on commercial packages but requires fee on normal packages.

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    Those who know Binary and those who dont.


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    I think there is quite a lot of software to automatically update your IP in the case of a dynamic IP connection. On DynDND.org they have a list of software for both Lin and Win so there shouldn't be a problem. If not all if free... I'm no code guru but I think somebody could write an app to do it for you [I'm not sure if DynDNS.org charges anything to allow a connection from a software like that though]

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