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Thread: Is "Political Correctness" Dead?

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    Is "Political Correctness" Dead?

    The University of Michigan speech code, later to be struck down in federal court, on the other hand, was more ambitious. Itís expansive language prohibited any expressive behavior which "stigmatized" an individual on the basis of race and which created "an intimidating, hostile, or demeaning" environment. An interpretative guide issued by the University Office of Affirmative Action indicated that the code prohibited "jokes about gay men and lesbians," or derogatory comments about "a particular person or groupís physical appearance or sexual orientation, or their cultural origins, or religions beliefs."

    It's a long article, but thought-provoking.
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    Political Correctness I think is too based on euphemisms to allow for proper communication of ideas. It's like when I describe someone I'd be judged as a racist for simply mentioning his ethnicity. These are the things which make us different. I am fully opposed to any form of discrimination based on race, ethicity, sexual prefference or anything like that [f**k those Ethical Diversity Quotas!], but I think a line should be drawn as to how far Political Correctness should go.

    Otherwise, all languages will slowly perfect their "Newspeak" form. Orwell was a visionary.. he never wanted for those things to happen.

    P.S. I have not read the full article

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