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Thread: Ettercap Vs Ethereal

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    Ettercap Vs Ethereal


    I tried these two s/w one of this will try to find my
    servers password.. any one plz help the core func.
    thanx in advance,

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    man ethereal

    Seriously though, you'll get all you need to use the applicaiton effectively if you just read the docs that come
    with it.

    -- spurious
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    IF you have a basic understanding of how a sniffer works, you wont need a single document when using ettercap to sniff cleartext connections.

    What you have failed to do is provide detailed information on what you want to do. For example, what kind of password? FTP? Telnet? Also, placement of the sniffing host is very important. If you place it on a switched segment, you may find yourself faced with an additional obsticle before you can begin to analyze traffic. Are you on a switched network?

    Now then, how about giving us additional information and perhaps we can be more specific.
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    /me is very confused by what the question is

    /me also knows that you can remotely exploit ettercap by sending certain packets across a network and when ettercap reads them, it allows you to hijack the session :/
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