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Thread: setting auto arrange in win2k for all of the drive

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    setting auto arrange in win2k for all of the drive

    how do i set auto arrange in win2k for a whole drive so that the attributes will be given to all sub folders as well as any new folders that would be created?

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    If you open up the properties dialog for the top level folder you want to set permissions on then open up the Security tab, you will find a button there for advanced settings. Open that dialog up and in there there will be a check box saying something like "reset permissions on all child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions". Check that box and hit the "apply" button. This will reset permissions on all files and subfolders of this folder. I have attached a screenshot which may help.
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    Don't forget to give NTFS permission if you're have multiple users or you're in a domain.
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