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Thread: dual boot win98/win2000

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    dual boot win98/win2000

    i am trying to dual boot win98 and win2000...
    the problem is ive already installed win 2000 and now i want to install 98 in a second harddisk.
    can any one suggest me how to do this

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    Black Viper give a step by step tut for installing multiple windows operating systems on this site , under "OS Guides" section of his web site.
    I don't know by experence, but was told his methode works well.
    Hope this helps you.
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    AFAIK you have to install Win9x before any of the NT family.

    I have done it with twin drives by loading the OSes seperately, but the NT one needs to "see" the other OS to dual boot properly. Otherwise you have to go into setup and select boot from the other drive, which is a pain, or use a boot disk.

    You may also encounter problems if the NT family OS is not a "boxed retail" version. You will probably get a message that there is already an OS and that the version you have is for computers without an OS.

    Hope this helps

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    i did the same thing a few months ago i installed win98 after win2000. what i did was installed win 98 and win2000 was gone so what i did was i inserted the win2000 cd started the setup it copied ite file to the hardisk asks to restart and there it was the starting menu had win2000,win98 and win2000 installition/upgrade options. i just discontued the setup deleted the temperory file made by the setup and the startup option win2000 installition/upgrade from the boot.ini file and lived happily ever after

    i just have a idea i am not sure about this do one thing open the boot.ini file. it will look some thing like this
    [Boot Loader]

    [Operating Systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server" /fastdetect

    add a string at the end
    [Boot Loader]

    [Operating Systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server" /fastdetect
    C:\="Microsoft Windows 98"
    after adding the stsartup menu should have 2 options
    and then try installing the windows 98 it should work

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    I would suggest making the second HD active so the BIOS boots to it by default. Then install Win98 on that drive. AT least this way you will have the obtion to boot each OS, but you will have to set the BIOS to boot a different drive every time you want to switch. But you will still have two OSes.

    After that, look for a bootloader that will boot both systems. XOSL is Windows based and works very well for me. Otherwise, you might be able to "repair" your Windows 2000 installation and have it detect the 98 installation, otherwise you might be able to use the native MS bootloader if you reinstall Win 2000. Not a complete reformat, just a reionstall like you are upgrading it. But you might lose some system files as tyhey are replaced wth older versions.

    Of course, the correct way to do this is to install Win98 first and then Win2000. The 2000 install program will automatically detect the 98 installation and install a bootloader for it. Unfortunately 98 will not detect a 2000 installation as Windows 2000 did not exist when 98 was written. But if that is not possible, ione of these methods might work for you.
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    **** Striek beat me in this ****
    Th things he described are similar to those I describe, have a look at the links I mentioned to do what Striek is saying

    While the info on the above mentioned site is good it does not offer a real answer obn the question, cause the question is to install win98 after a win2k installation. I agree with moxnix (or at least the blackviper site) that the sequence of installation is important to easly dual or triple or even more boot.
    win98 and after that win2000 -> otherwise your win98 config screws up your MBR and thus your bootloader for Nt / win2K or nix you installed. let's say nix and nt based os's are rather smarther than win9x os's.
    thje same boot order is followed here: http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/softwa...ual/index.html

    So if you still decide to install win98 after a win2k install, better a) have a good boot menu program like partition magic offers, or b) now what you are doing and manualy edit start up files.

    You need to install win98 without affecting your existing win2k, or otherwise be sure you can restore your original ntldr, the bootloader for win2000. and add a line for the new os, the win98 boot entry.
    Keep in mind that any NTFS disks will not be accesible in DOS/win9x by default, you will need third party software to do that. Win9x uses FAT (fat16 or fat32).

    This is what you have to do:

    1) keep a partition for your new os (the new disk)
    2) install and restore win2k boot loader files. Be carefull when choosing partitions to install to.
    this microsoft example explains howto restore your win2k boot menu

    3) If you still want to edit boot.ini see this excellent MS file: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=311578

    So basicly the easiest is to install win9x first but it's not impossible to do otherwise. It looks nasty cause you have to restore after you 'accidently' had overwritten the ntloader when installing win9x.

    see also:

    If you plan to go along with the install sequence you described I suggest you read enough about it and do some backups and keep recovery floppy'sd or cd's ready. Good luck

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    Not a complete reformat, just a reionstall like you are upgrading it.
    yes thats what i do install the 98 then partially install Win 2000 and it will automatecally detect the win98 instalation files

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    I can only say if you use a disk partitioner such as Partition Magic ver 8 maybe you can dual boot or multiple boot your system its great cause of its a GUI software ...

    here are some links

    this is all that i can say hope it help you

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    Guys, I am new here and dont know much how to go about posting my questions. So I decided to use this to get assistance thru.

    My Q is on how can I use unattended installation on w2k professional thru DOS prompt. I have a network with WinMe Os's and I read on how to make an unattended installation on w2k.

    Q. if the system i wanted installing w2k is not booting at all and i dont want to do atteneded installation on the winme system. how will that be possible. if not then what is the best option to this.

    Thank you and God Bless us all

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    hi usmany

    welcome to AO.
    am new here and dont know much how to go about posting my questions. So I decided to use this to get assistance thru.
    why dont u try reading the AO FAQ and these threads


    how can I use unattended installation on w2k professional
    i think u should read this see if this helps and this also

    why dont u start a new thread rather than bumping someone's thread.

    god bless u.

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