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    Nmap blows on win32 ok on my linux box though,if ya want a good little port scanner go to http://www.angryziber.com/ipscan/ have fun!!

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    I've had a problem with the gui version in XP but haven't had any with the command line version.

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    I say use the command line version regardless of the OS. Not ony it is typically better and faster, but at least then you spend time learning what it does. Nmap in GUI mode just makes me feel like a script kiddie, so I stick to command line and dictate everything nmap does.

    man nmap is your best friend on linux. nmap -h is your best friend on windows.

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    I seem to have had no problems at all running Nmap on my WinXP system. I run the latest patches and updates and I've never had any problems at all.

    I do agree when others say use the command line version of Nmap. I find that you are able to better customize the scans to your personal preferences because you don't have to start fiddling around with the GUI, where options can sometimes be hard to find.

    Hope this helps!

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    I have mentioned this in previous nmap threads, but since many of you are relatively new I thought I'd mention this again.

    I've taken the same box and moved it to different types of networks and had varying degrees of success.

    While I was on cable, I could scan no problem, However with Dial-up and PPPoE there used to be issues with WinPcap. These have supposedly been resolved and the fixes work for most people so that now PPPoE works fine with WinPcap and nmap. However I still had problems. I'm now sitting behind a router which connects to my DSL and once again I can scan just fine. I have to use the -P0 option like was mentioned previously, but that's because of my firewall set-up. I have also see people attempting to use nmap have problems in windows while attempting to use the Syn Scan (-sS)... I'd suggest for testing that you stick with TCP Connect (-sT). start with nmap -sT -P0 <your ip> then nmap -sT -P0 <another box on your lan> then nmap -sT -P0 <a box on the internet> if those work then start playing with options to see which ones you can and can't use.

    If you still have issues and require your machine to be in windows ( like I do)... then I'd suggest vmware. I have VMWare 4.0 w/ gentoo installed and boot disks for knoppix-std and phlak. If I need to do somethign i open my VM titled boot CD which has no OS and mount one of the ISOs. If i want to use linux.. I boot my gentoo VM.


    PS. I worked all day yesterday so never made it on.. but yesterday was my one year anniversary YAY me ! hehe
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    I agree with reaper, use angry IP scanner. But here is a link I found that might come to some form of aide
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