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Thread: proxify.com

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    Everyone is so obsessed with the FRIENDSTER thingy and the office administrator blocked friendster.We found a way to bypass it using www.proxify.com....The office administrator found out that we are using it so he blocked the site again, Is there another website that works like proxify.com that will able us to view restricted websites???

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    again, use google to search for it.

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    it is a stupid question however, and you did not need to post 2 threads for the same stupid question.

    if you need more help go to the newbie forum.

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    You're such an *******!

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    I know it must seem like people on these fourms are un-friendly, its just that when you come here and ask questions that could be ansewered just by a simple query on google people get annoyed. For a list of anonymous proxys just use the link below and it will list a number of sites.


    Another problem ur going to encounter is that a lot of people on these boards are admins or work in a similar role. This site is about protecting computers and networks, if you had wanted to know how to block people from using MIRC and similar programs on a network then a lot of people would of been more than willing to help.

    I`m not trying to have a go at you just trying to give you a bit of freindly advice.

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    Now now guys let's play nice


    god is right you didn't have to post it twice and which he did try to help you

    Just do yourself a favor read the FAQ.
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    Are you really that intent on getting fired? what sort of reference do you think that you will get from your "former employers"?

    If your Admin is onto you, you are getting pretty close. Unless, of course, you can persuade the Company to provide a secure link etc......? Because your Admin is mainly protecting the company assets against attacks in "normal usage", having people on the inside punching holes in the defences from within is not going to make any of you very popular?

    Just don't do it.......please take that as very serious advice......if you let something in and the logs show it.............you will be in deep legal trouble as well?

    Stay safe

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    thanks for those friendly people posting their friendly advices I tried those proxy sites...coo! thanks a lot

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    did you follow the advice on not to use them because you will be just opening your network to too much trouble.

    now i feal guilty telling you how to do it.

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