hello my name is greg id like 2 introduce myself to the forum as i am new to this board. i usually post in sports forums moslty and this is the first time i have seen such a big forum regarding computer tech talk etc etc... i must say i am very impressed to say the least and i hope that i can gain some knowledge and input by becoming a member here. there are many things that i would like 2 discuss and some topics include reverse software engineering, public information lookup, and some other basic computer topics.

i am well aware that certain topics may not be discussed, however i am not fully aware of which ones exactly that can or cannot be discussed, and hopefully i will learn this as time goes by. one of the more sensitive issues i was interested in is account cracking, and perhaps this topic may not be allowed to be discussed or perhaps there's another term you may use for it.

i think one of the topics that i would most likely want to infer about is cell phone lookup which is basically public information etc etc. i realize this issue doesn't really involve computer security per say, but if i can get any insight on that particular topic i'd greatly appreciate it. i mostly would like 2 know how and where i can go to execute such inquiries. the only thing i have seen for such inquiries is a service in which u pay 20 dollars for a cell phone search or whatever, but i figured that there has to be an easier way perhaps ??

nevertheless i am glad to be a new member and if any of my topic matter seems out of place please tell me and i will refrain from such postings...

ok thanks for any and all input..