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Thread: RIAA site defaced by hackers

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    Smile RIAA site defaced by hackers

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    The RIAA has drawn the scorn of legions of Internet denizens in recent years for its stance on Internet radio broadcast fees and peer-to-peer networking. The organization became infamous to millions of users after filing an injunction against the popular free music-swapping program, Napster.
    But even if and when the organization does find out what happened, RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy told he wouldn't issue any information about the defacement.
    "All I can tell you is there's a problem with our site that we are fixing," Lamy said. "It should be back up shortly."
    Only the home page was defaced, as far as officals can tell, though the links pointed to existing Web pages. The defaced site featured such tidbits as "Inside the RIAA with Eric Cartman" -- the best-known character from the irreverent Comedy Central cartoon "South Park" -- and "Piracy can be beneficial to the music industry" -- an acerbic touch flung in the face of the biggest opponent to digital music piracy.
    Also, a link entitled "Where can I find information on giant monkeys?" took readers to the biography page of Hilary Rosen, RIAA chief executive officer.

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    Not that I want to condone such behavior, but GOOD FOR THEM. Lol
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    Hell, I like it. It's about time the battle was waged in our court. w00t w00t w00t.

    Officially though, as an ethical (*cough* bullshit *cough*) member of the online community I cannot support illegal and immoral action taken for any reason. I wholeheartedly support the law and law enforcement...
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    I think you're all missing the point. Wheres Jason when you need him, baseball bats and hockey masks. They've struck the first blow we should follow up with the battle. Or perhaps..... just perhaps...... nah

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    Looks like they fixed it back.

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    OH but of course; if a convicted killer defaced the DOJ website we would be all like 'w00t'. And of course, if a script-monkey defaced their teachers website because they got detention, we would be all 'w00tish' as well.

    The fact is, the RIAA are perfectly within their legal rights to prosecute those who share music in defiance of the law. Defacing their website is petty and lame; all battles should be done by the book, in court. I honestly dont care if the majority of the online population disagrees with their policies, it still doesnt make it right.

    I wish the online community would grow up.

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    OK Abtronic, you are right, but I feel there are definatly two sides to this dilema. I mean a lot of people feel that the way RIAA goes about their business is immoral and yet it is "within thier rights"? So normal legal chanels will not help and according to the law here (I can't speak for anywhere else) if legal channels can't help you then you are within your rights to take the law into your own hands. I guess what I am trying to say is that people feel a certain way about the way RIAA conducts thier business and are expressing that in the only way they can / know how. I think that might even fall under freedom of expression...
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    No legal channels? If the RIAA prosecutes you, you are able to hire a lawyer and defend your point of view that you were "within your rights" to share copious amonts of music in a court of law.

    Excuse the analogy, but i would like to give mention to the child pornogrophers of the world; im sure that they feel *they* are being treated 'immorally' by the police when all they are doing is expressing their "love for children" (or so they say), but the fact remains that law is law.
    I recall a few threads on the subject on these very boards, where many a newbie would say something along the lines of "lets deface child porn websites" or "i just attacked a child porn site, look at me"... before being quickly berated by senior members and subsequently banned.
    The way i see it, child porn is illegal, and so is sharing incredible amounts of music. The online community holds radically different views on both topics, yet usually the concourance is the same: attacking/defacing websites is bad, no matter what your reason.


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