Hello Everyone.

I'm really unexpreinced with WinXP, due to switching entirley to Linux after winME. I have tried on two diffrent networks to get WinXP into a simple peer-to-peer network with no luck. On the current network, one computer is running winXP, one win98 and the other winME. The winME and win98 computerse see each other fine and can share files. All computers are on subnet mask and are all in 192.188.1.* network range. Linksys Router which is the gateway to the internet see's all computers and all computers can access internet. The problem is the one winXP computer can not see other computers on the Workgroup (all computers are on same workgoup named workgroup). When I try to access the workgroup via the winXP computer it says the "workgoup is unavailable or I do not have premissions to access it) but to my knowlege no computers have passwords, and even If they did I should still be able to acess the workgroup. This really has me stumped. If anyone could help I would extremly appreciate it.

Happy New Years.