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Thread: what is =rand(200,99)

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    thank u for giving nice information

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    In greece if u type this msg there is a famous poet's word Andreas Kalvos.Andreas means manly and the phrase means "It takes virue and courage"It could help saying that the 2,5 pages full of this sentence are greaded in a highschool exam as a 15,perfect id 20.Lapgh about it ,could help.Lackily no worm has gone because of meme or gene(gmn)If u add an o an e and a you get the word gomena,wich means girlfriend or preety,in a bad way.Or in other ridiculus thoughts take mgn and take Maganio.Chemist are we?Anti by the way ,is an word wich stands as against and can be put in other words taking the opposite meaning.
    LEarn greek ,their everywhere.KISS PARIS HILTON

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    In any language, when the dates are flashing on a Thread in AntiOnline, it means that it is old. In this particular case it is over two years old. Please avoid giving CPR to a corpse.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    I thought it was spam text it makes so little sense!

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