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    Like many others here I am privy to the Google toolbar. When my job forces me to run in the windows environment I use the google toolbar it does the trick. I also check my host files every couple days make sure nothing has been added.


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    Download this little program http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/fil...d,22947,00.asp . It's called turnflash and sits in your system tray and allows you to turn on and off flash with a mouseclick. The best part is that it's tiny (7 KB).
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    I use "middleman", which is a small proxy server (Similar to Proximitron, but still updated, open source, and works on Linux).

    Unfortunately the default rule set breaks AO somewhat.

    To block popups, I use my browser (Galeon).

    To block ads and stuff, Middleman does it for me.

    Flash adverts are annoying, I currently have no solution for blocking them. Sometimes I disable flash altogether, this is not available as a browser option, but can be done quite effectively by chmod'ing the flash player (libflashplayer.so) to 0 thus preventing it from running (takes effect without a browser restart too)


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    I use the google search engine enough that I don't mind having the search line on a tool bar so I use the google toolbar and like it.

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    Gotta try "middleman", can't be a bigot..can I.. I have been useing Proxomotron for months.. Keeps the webpage load times LOW.. especially those with adds or animated gif's.. only prob is when using it with some web banking sites..(well all that I use) I middleman works here.. I will switch..maybe.. But it keeps out what ever crap you desire, pix, flash, java, animated gifs..

    To find out about Proxomotron.. have search of the Tutorials.. Negetive did a great Tut on this Filter.. Neg also gives a download for it as well..

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    but sometimes this tools do affect the layout of the website don't they

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    I use Kerio Personal Firewall to block pop-ups and ads. Doesnt affect the layout of the page at all. Where the ad would be, it says "Ad blocked by KPF". Plus you can add your own customizable paths to block like /adframe /popup /gator /mysearch, or whatever you want.

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    I've grown accustomed to the Google toolbar. 32,953 ads blocked so far and it rarely misses a beat.

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    I use History Kill. It comes with a pop up killer. Although it cost money I really like it. It is mostly a history killer that kills temp files and junk, like recent documents. The pop up killer is also nice. It will kill anything that pops up beside your main window. And if you want to see one of the pop ups, all you have to do is hold ctrl and click the link again and the pop up will pop up this time. Just my personal opinion. And I know most of you dont wanna pay, but hey.


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    Ok how about when it comes to anti-spam software? What do you guys like using.

    Well me personally I like this one:

    It's not as easy to configure as other anti-spam software. But on the other hand once you get it configured properly you'll be surprised at how powerful it is.

    But the one thing that I really like about it is that it will allow you to set up additional categories called -- buckets.
    A bucket is just what it sounds like - it's one of any number of folders that your email can be classified into. You can have one for junk mail and one for regular mail, or one for your personal email, one for work, and one for spam. It's up to you.
    On a sidenote the more buckets that you have the longer it will take for it to begin filtering accurately.

    But overall a very nice program.
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