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OUCH!!! Not nice. You have waaaaaay too much stuff open. Also, you should look at Apache instead of IIS as the webserver.
How do you know they have too much open? Maybe all of the services in question are needed, after all they do exist in the first place because some people use them. Besides, for all you know he could be running a DTK or any other of a myriad of "safe" services that are not strictly needed.

Secondly why apache over IIS? Just felt like throwing your opinion around? There are two problems with this:
1. He says he is running Apache.
2. What are you basing your suggestion against IIS on?

Do we really need more comments made by people who fail to read the information in question, which was so kindly and clearly provided to them?
Do we really need more people just chirping in with unsupported, unsubstantiated opinions and claims?