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Thread: Better than AVG?

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    I'm a newbie, but AVG is getting the job done on my computer

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    I also use PC-cillin and McAfee...and I pay for those?


    But for free....I would go AVG.......but I would probably get the payware version?

    Hey!..."free" may not be that free?


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    JenaLynn you got pm

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    Free?AVG? Well i use NAV and its the best one I've had...its also free that is if you have kazaa


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    AVG in my personal opinion is good if you dont have the money available to you at the time to purchase one. As for a paid anti-virus product I would have to say I lean more towards Norton it's reliable, updates are very frequent, heuristics are very good [ my personal opinion]. So far I've had no problems whatsoever with their product.

    I also like to use the free on-line scans that are available from other anti-virus sites:
    [1]Trend Micro
    [2]Bit Defender

    Note: There are others but those are the ones that I like.

    Downloading software from Kazaa that should be paid for is well "illegal" and not something that you would want to do. Since you never know what other unexpected surprises may come along with it. Ex. [ Trojan[s],Key Logger[s],Virus[es] etc .... ]

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    I see that almost everyone uses AVG. I don't

    I use another great czech product (the other ones are beer and avg avast - It's free for personal use, it received many awards (i.e. 100% virus bulletin award, 6duck at NoNags,ChipTip etc.). It's great.

    I can really recommend this one


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    I would say 99.9% of "this av is better" is based off nothing other than that the person has had no problems using it or likes the color of the gui. If you wish to see some decent analysis
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    Almost everybody that does not want to spend money on AV uses AVG software, but there are some virus that its does not fix, delete nor quarantine, eg. i-warms. Did any of us using AVG had such problem?

    My other fair/caution is on the developers of AVG. Don't we think they can be able to send us virus through upgrade/update so that we can pay some fee before its continue working? not only the AVG freeware, but all other freewares. All I have to say is "We end users should always be carefull, caustion and sure of all those freeware that almost all internet users are downloading and using without paying a diam".

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    AVG is a very good av but not nearly as good with worms and trojans. It caught a couple I came across though when I used it. Overall, I liked and trusted it enough to use it for a couple of years. During that time, it kept my machine clean.

    As for the developers sending a virus through update, I seriously doubt it. If they were of that mind, they could easily discontinue the free version or make it a 30 day trial. There are people in the world who really do give things away for nothing. AVAST and Antivir are two other av's that have free versions for those who won't or can't pay.

    Bitdefender also offers a free version, only it doesn't have real time protection only on demand scanning. It's a good backup. Another is Microworld Technologies that has a freeware av, also on demand only. It uses the Kaspersky engine which is a big plus. I tried it but it acted weird on my machine and I couldn't get it to update.

    AVG, AVAST, and Antivir are all very good freeware antivirus programs. I've tried them all and wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of them. If you're looking for pay versions, I recommend Kaspersky, Dr. Web, or NOD32. A simple search will give the websites. Dr. Web is relatively inexpensive and rates pretty high in tests. I use Kaspersky Pro now and love it.

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    Personally i use norman which is very good and is available free from /
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