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    I use Sygate myself and have found that I really like it. Its very simplistic and easy to config. I haven't used any others but this one creates rules as you go. If you try to run a program that tries to make an outbound connection then it will ask you if u wish to allow it and also if you only want to allow it this time or make a permanent rule. Also if a program changes it will inform you that it has and ask if you still wish to allow it.

    Here is the Sygate site.

    And here is the link for the installer from Tucows which is a fast mirror.

    Hope this helps.


    edit : Forgot the links
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    there are differnt free firewalls in the net but i stick to use the Agitnum firewall -- http://www.agnitum.com/
    here is a link of zone alarm -- http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/home.jsp

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    I've tried Sygate, ZAP , LooknStop, Kerio, Tiny, Visnetic, 8Signs, Outpost Pro, Kaspersky, Armor2Net, and Black Ice. I've narrowed my choices down to Sygate, LnS, and Kaspersky AntiHacker. I run those three at alternate times just for the variety, I guess.

    Of the three, my favorite is Sygate Pro, with Kaspersky a close second. Of them all, LooknStop may actually be the best firewall, and the new LnS 2.5 which will be out of beta soon will be even better.

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    Definitely not Agitnum Outpost, unless they've improved it (read "rewrote from scratch"). Now I'll admit that I've only used the free version (which they don't make anymore--wonder why), but that version froze & crashed my PC too often.

    I guess I feel if the FREE version is that bad (or was, in my case), how could the commerical version be that much better? How can you sell something by offering a pathetic FREE version of it, even if it's slimmed down? At best, that's baaaaaad marketing.

    Zone alarm is okay, but I don't understand why so many love it. The free version isn't bad.

    I like blackice.

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    I'd suggest Sygate free over ZA free. Outpost free wouldn't run on my computer and Outpost Pro left too many open ports. I know people who love it, but on my machine it didn't cut it. There are a bunch of free firewalls available. If Sygate (easy to set up, well configured right from the get go) isn't for you, try Kerio 2.1.5. It's similar to the old Tiny, but more current. Just type free firewall into Google or your favorite search engine. Keep in mind that some of them are junk. Sygate, Kerio 2, are both very good and reliable. Others will swear by ZoneAlarm. Bottom line, it's like buying a car. What your neighbor likes might not be for you.

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    I have Tried Mcaffe,Norton, Tiny, and Sygate I Had Real Problems with my system when I uninstalled Norton, I had the same problems with Mcafee..But Tiny And Sygate are both really comfortable for my needs , And they are Easily Configurable..

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    I have to agree with Chuck. As the saying goes "one man's junk is another man's treasure".
    Perfect example, I use Outpost and I wouldn't have it any other way. My buddy has Zone Alarm and he loves it.
    He hates Outpost, I hate Zone Alarm.
    The point is simple. As with just about *anything* computer related, asking the question "which is the best/better..(enter product/service here)?" is the ultimate perpetual paradox.
    Your best bet is take the advice everyone has offered in this thread and go out and take some firewalls for a test run.
    The bottom line is that it's entirely up to you to decide which is the best product to use.
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    What are some ideas on Linux Firewalls?

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