My aunt gave me a HD that a technichian told her was messed up (I don't trust the technichians in this country because all they want is money). So when I take it home I install it as Master and Windows 95 (the hard drive has 95 installed to it, it's a rather old hard drive) tells me to type in the location of the command prompt, so I try C:/, nothing then I try C:/windows/, nothing. So I instert the Windows 98 Recovery disk which has in it and type A:/ and it still tells me that it's not there. So I put my old HD back into Master and set that one on Slave. The BIOS reads it and everything but when I go to the command prompt and type format d: it says it can't read the drive. Can someone please help me with this problem? Thanks.

EDIT: Just in case you need to know my OS is Windows 2000 Professional.