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    if i type yahoo.com in my browser IE explore 6.0 i get this funky webpage that says YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!!!
    Check your hosts file.

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    yeah thanks, the definition of spyware is clear by why do they sell information over the internet?

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    ok how do u check ur host file exactly ? I think I'm clean now hopefully.

    but yeah they sell info over the internet, and spyware is more than what i told u it is also webpages that have certain active x scripts in them that can alter some of ur critical registry settings such as ur search assistant or ur dial up modem etc etc. if u ask me spyware is simply lame and i'd like nothing more than 2 slap the person who invented it up side their head, but i won't go into that.

    but look at searchbug they charge money to do personal background checks reverse cell phone lookups etc etc so yes people do make money off other peoples personal information.
    pretty wild huh...

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    Hi isle_of_infamy


    Host Administrator

    A nice User friendly tool to monitor your Windows "hosts" file


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    I recently had the same problem on my workstation terminal in the Network Operations Control Center. we ran just about every Spybot detector adaware, everrything we could think of... Nothing Identified it. So when out CTO came in and saw what we were doing, he offered his professional diagnosis. He said "Save what you need, wipe the rest". There was too much sensitive information on the machine to waste time.

    The moral of the story is that, I think alot of the times we overthink things in the IT feild. Sometimes there is a solution staring us straight in the face, but we over look it or dismiss it.
    If you know a way to fix it, do it. Stop wasting time and get it done.

    And thats my Rx
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

    THC/IP Version 4.2

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    thats a nice lil tool

    hello nihil i downloaded and ran that stand alone tool for checking host files. that's a nifty lil gadget. it showed only 1 host and that was my proxy for my adsubtract program popup killer so thats good i only have that 1 and nothing more.


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