Inexpensive home/soho DSL and Cable routers - with a serial port for backup - are here. Or so it seems. I lost my DSL and Cable modem for now so I am sucking it up and getting a normal telephone line to the new house. So I have been looking for a nice little router that has the features of a normal DSL/Cable router that I can use later when they insall the cable system into the new neighborhood. I thought I would look to the talents of AO as both far reaching and in some cases cheap like me.

I looked at all the majors and so far SMC has the cheapest unit. Here is a link ...

It seems to float around the 60 -100 dollar range. Since I paid 30 for my current DSL router I thought maybe there is better, price wise out there... but since others may be very interested I thought I would post and perhaps get some feedback on other successful ventures. I can hook this thing up now and use dialup with external routing and firewall capabilities outside of windows. Note that I looked at others in the $400 range such as Netopia and Cisco. Then lower like Hawkings, and Netgear, D-Link, Siemens etc. Not everyone has the option but there is a lot out there and many even load balance now. Very cool for the price.

Linux and especially freebsd have good PPP implementations on serial connections but I like these little routers.

Who's got one and how do they work? SMC is my choice so far.... all implement the serial interface as a back-up option when the DSL fails. Who wouldn't like that once in a while in a pinch??