yes normaly i dont do this pms being private and all, but im in a ****ing bad mood and rather insulted

I'm asking you straight out, is this another alias for nightfallsgirl and tammyhope?
yes im glad he asked instead of shooting him self in the foot, but i think my reply says it all

RiOtEr wrote on Today 08:45 PM:
ok i tottaly miss read you question i thought you were reffering to Incarnate

short answer no

long answer im offended and here is why

your in a position of power you could do 1 mins worth of research and there is a **** load of evidence to say im not

first place to look
1. antipoints ive given a tonn of negs to nightfirls_girl and my most recent one was to incarnate NFG latest incarnation, if i was NFG would i have given my self negs? pretty illogical

2. i can spell just look at my posts and compare them to hers i mean how could you get them confused

3. joining dates ive been here for over 4 years even before there were forums, shes been here for a few months

4. netspace is a huge isp in australia im guessing this is where the accusations came from its about the size of your roadrunner or comcast so there is probably more than 1 person using it on this forum...

5. i have respect in this place, read the rioter problems thread in the addicts notice how many people stick up for me? look at nightfalls girls posts how many people stick up for her? only the people in her alliance and go ahead and check me for an alliance JP's done it before with JMChostingadmin and i came up clean and i will again this time

thank you for your time
his reply

I apologize, but your IP entirely matched both NFG and TH, which was one of her aliases, and you are both using the same ISP. so it was a very narrow coincidence. NFG has used more proxies than any other account I've checked, but those IPs were her most recent. No offense meant, which is why I asked you straight up. After my most recent experience, I'm sure you can understand why I'm a bit suspicious of issues like that.
yes he appoligised but seriously if they had taken the time to get to know the members or even pay attention to their own boards none of this would have happened
hence why im pretty insulted