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    Yahoo BoF

    back in october there was an exploit that came out for Yahoo and i warned folks here about it. At that time i was told it was nothing to worry about because yahoo IM auto updates...not this time:


    "I already contacted Yahoo couple days ago...
    .......After reading your email, I removed my YIM and downloaded the new one
    from their
    website and you are right; the newest version is not vulnerable.
    there is NO WAY to upgrade from 5.6.0.xxxx to except you
    YIM; and of course Yahoo doesn't tell anybody about it either.

    If you go to http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/security/ you will see
    there is
    no update for this vulnerability. Again, the only way to patch it is
    reinstall YIM


    read about it:

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    hmm.. a bit disturbing when yahoo doesn't respond.. I actually use YIM but only with a handful of trusted friends.. stopped using messengers except for rare times long ago. I think I won't be concerned right now but a few of my friends might be.. so thanks for the heads up.

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