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Thread: Read outcoming headers?

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    Question Read outcoming headers?

    Hi all,

    is there any way to read in linux outcoming headers from browser? I mean when I connect to some page I want to know what header has been sent. Probably I can use packet sniffer, but can I do it in other way?

    Thank you in advance...


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    Mozilla Firebird Extensions:

    I'm almost positive, from what I remember using it, the extension for firebird shows incoming and outgoing in real time. So get this plugin if you are using Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird.


    This shows all http data to and from your computer and acts like a proxy. Seperate from the browser and thus not a plugin, which is fine.


    And if it comes down to you still using a sniffer, here is one that is more http protocol oriented: <-- 15 day trial, no limitations

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    You could also try Proxomitron. It's also pretty good at stopping popups IIRC.

    There is also Achilles 0.27 which can go a little further.
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    Thank you guys


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