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    Hey, I think that's great Leap Frog! I used to make totally corny VB programs that would play little math games. People thought I was nuts but whatever....

    Keep working.

    Go Finland!
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    Leap_Frog, can you post the source please? I got all excited when I saw the topic thinking that you would have posted some code for me (well...not me specifically) to look at :P.

    Now I'm disappointed!


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    Great Job Leaf Frog!!! Keep up the good work!

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    Re: my first VB proggie

    Originally posted here by Leap Frog
    So anyhow any suggestions on how i could make it better would be much appreciated.
    Im not saying anything is wrong. For a start you can never go wrong at attempting a hello world program. But you know you can change button styles, message box icons, and the message box title right?

    For example: MsgBox "Hello fellow VB coder.", vbCritical, "Hi"

    And for the startrek fans out there....

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    i know it was corny, but i was happy with my first ever creation.
    But i know for next time to make sure that i also post the sorce code.
    So thanks to you all that gave encouragement i was thinking about quitting with the learning, but i'm gonna strive more and my next program a little bit better.

    Umm they said i should put my signature here.
    And now all i got is a heap of White Out on the Monitor..

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