I have an interesting problem that I could really use being guided in a direction with. It's somewhat complicated, but I'll do my best to describe it clearly here. Here's the breakdown:

First, we're dealing with a network in which three servers are pertinent to the issue. There's DATASERV, which holds K:, L:, and M: drives that everyone on the network has access to. Access to these drives is through another server called MSERV, so when MSERV is down, no one can access the K:, L:, and M: drives.

The problem we're having is that MSERV keeps shutting itself down. It looks like it may be an issue with the power supply, but we are not yet sure. So this issue is two-prong. First, we're trying to figure out exactly why MSERV is shutting itself down, and second, we're trying to establish a backup server for when it does.

HPSERV is the server that's meant to take over when MSERV goes down so users can still access the three drives. So far, this has been successful with other applications, however, users still cannot access the K,L,M drives when MSERV is down. HPSERV should be adequately taking over in this regard when MSERV goes down, so the question that arises is if there's a security issue we've overlooked that's prventing HPSERV from granting the access to these drives that MSERV would otherwise do.

Did everyone follow that?

So, all I need is a direction to start in, because this is all still very much new to me. Where do I need to look to find out if there's a security policy issue, and what else should I consider? What steps can I take to determine for certain if we are having a power supply problem with MSERV?