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    ETHER KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOFH!!!!!

    Sorry had too. BOFH invented an Ether killer, which was basically something you could plug into an electrical outlet and the other end was an RJ-45 connector.

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    1. Bios flashing (has been covered already)
    2. Flashing any other components which can be flashed - notable examples include CD-ROMs and some graphics boards. Also external devices like modems.
    3. Repeatedly opening / closing cd-roms thus wearing them out (or combined with flashing the drive's chip, sending bad commands to the motors thus breaking them)
    4. Hard drive - carry out low level format (possibly won't break it permanently), OR send vendor-specific commands breaking the error mapping code thus rendering it useless until another factory format
    5. Modem - repeatedly calling emergency services, thus having the owner's phone disconnected for abuse
    5b. Modem - calling premium rate numbers thus causing damage to owner's bank balance
    5c. Modem - using voice modem functionality to make threatening phone calls to local religious ministers - thus damaging owner's repuation and more
    5d. Modem - etc
    6. Speakers - play very loud high frequency sounds, mixer up to full, thus breaking stuff (perhaps?)
    7. Any power management attack causing things to set on fire (probably fairly unlikely on most hardware) - been covered already.
    8. Monitor - kill it by using wrong sync - probably impossible on newer monitors because they're too clever.
    9. PDAs / Mobile phones - send dodgy stuff to PDA or phone while connected to PC, thus frying it (dunno if possible)
    10. Social engineering - using on-screen dialogue, instruct user to do damaging things to machine (example: instruct them to change PSU voltage selector in 240v countries to 110v)


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