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    so you got banned somewhere and you want us to help you bypass the ban.. or figure out how to do it so that in the future you can bypass it again when they figure out why it didn't work correctly in the first place.. is that right ? If so.. forget it.. you should know better than to ask that kind of question here to begin with. If you're so anxious to get back in, I'd email the admin and beg forgiveness or bribe him/her with more money than he/she's ever seen before. (that last part is a joke.. the rest, I wasn't joking about)

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    sumdumguy open your eyes and read

    sumdumguy open ur eyes and read the thread . never once did i say i wanted anyones help 2 bypass a ban, I already bypassed the ban myself without anyones help because i am that good, so seriously if u wanna add your 2 cents about something please read beforehand about the topic at hand.

    what i am trying to say is that 3rd party breaching is a security violation and if u wanna argue this point i will argue it until i am blue in the face because u obviously know nothing about having a security breach implemented on ur computer so please keep ur comments to urself or i will have to mute you.

    I don't need to beg anyone for anything ok.. u seem to assume way too much on this.

    The bottom line is i know the date of the security breach and all that i ask is that i need a program to chronologically see registry changes in my registry so that I may eradicate the security breach. Again I emphasize the ban was more of an annoyance than anything as well as a violation of the law. the chat service is in violation of the law by using such techniques to ban people off their service, and if you want I can look this up to prove my point is correct.

    nevertheless it seems as no one knows anything about this and the thread has essentially become moot, but if anyone has any further suggestions of positive nature feel free to speak up... thanks...

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    removing sotware does no good

    extremez i tried uninstalling the software about 4 years ago when i first started using their service to no avail. i'm on 98se...

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    I think in registry u cant figure it out the date when the registry is entered, inserted, modified, or deleted.
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