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    Hi All

    I Wonder What The Great Cartman would say ....... ROFL ;Happy Personal firewall day... GMAB ! Too Bad we cant focus on silly things like mans inhumanities to man day.. etc....

    [gloworange]The Only Way to be Safe is To Never Be Secure. [/gloworange]
    Benjamin Franklin

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    Talking w00t for Firewalls! :D

    I never knew they had their own day.

    Since I so humbly forgot or never knew, I decided to make a little poster promoting firewalls, heh. I didn't think that it would turn out to be so hard to compress, so I resized it from 1024x768 to 640x480 to bring it around 100KB without killing the colors and leaving compression artifacts all over it. Enjoy, and make your firewalls happy

    *Goes to clean up firewall rules*

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    I didnt know that today is the Happy Personal Firewall day. I should thank the firewall which I am using now (zone labs - free). It helped me really well. I should thank the AO for its content in Security/Anti-Virus/Adware/Spyware issues. Specially the Jr,Sr Members etc.,

    I am trying to spread the message, "Install a personal firewall", "Install a personal/free version of Adware/Spyware scanners & Cleaners"

    There is been a rapid rise in new DSL connections here locally. The new DSL users do not know the importance or do not know about the firewall (like me, as i was a month ago).
    They only know when they get a huge bill ( like the one i got, last month) from the ISP due to traffic created without the new DSL users knowledge.

    Happy Personal Firewall Day !
    [glowpurple]What What will happen, will happene happen[/glowpurple]

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