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    anyone know of an MSN messenger client that will work on IRIX 6.5.xx (SGI octane)

    hey guys and gals, ive been looking for an MSN program that will run on my Octane system under IRIX6.5.xx, ive checkd out amsn which is the only one i know of, googled a fair bit to no avail...

    if anyone can point me in the right direction or give me a link it would be greatly appreciated, ive checked the amsn forum and there seems to be an issue with IRIX 6.5.xx releases, so if anyone knows of something to do, please help me

    its better to have a nice quiet system to chat on than the noisy AMD i use now...

    [edit]update - i now have internet access on the machine after a few problems getting it set up, ive found some newsgroups that miht be able to point out some things[/edit]

    thanks MsM for the link too
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    What about centericq? I don't know of much built specifically for IRIX, since I think most developers view IRIX as a strictly server type of *nix
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