Here is a free seminar about security.I work for beaumont hospital in royaloak I am not in any computer department here but I still get told about free seminars and what here goes

Computer Data is hosting a FREE Counter Hacking Ethical Hacker Seminar
Wednesday, January 21, 2004, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, in our Madison Heights training center.

Join us to learn more about securing your network infrastructure! To reserve seating, call 800-755-0142 or email

This seminar will introduce attendees to hacking techniques and methods used to break into networks. Attendees will learn how the focus of security has changed in recent years and will see live or simulated demonstrations of attacks on computer systems. Seeing the ease with which these attacks are carried out will showcase the problems faced by information security personnel every day.

This seminar is not a sales event and is presented by an experienced security professional with years of network attack and defense experience. Attendees will LEARN about hacking and not just be shown frightening tools and attacks. For more information on this exciting and educational event visit
this seminar is free and they provide junk food and drinks!!!!!

Check it if you live near by this school is pretty uptodate on whats happening in security and other computer related jobs!!