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Thread: Safari reroutes google requests... qhost?

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    Safari reroutes google requests... qhost?

    I type in www google com on my laptop and it goes to a supposed 404 page from a server that supposedly is being targeted by qhosts. I started looking for qhosts info at symantec... they list Macintosh as being unaffected.

    I am currently on my desktop at home and do not get redirected. I had my laptop connected to my home network via an airport basestation. All computers were on all night and the problem didn't get passed on to the desktop.

    I first noticed the problem yesterday... but thought it was a problem with out safe surfing software.

    I was at work yesterday with my laptop connected to the network via airport and working on an iMac... I went to Google but I got the message that shows up for restricted pages.

    I don't know whether the problem got passed between my laptop and the desktop at work. Or whether I did the same thing to both by whatever means I got the problem.

    One difference out of many between work and home is that the airport at work is connected through the LAN port and at home it's connected through the WAN port.

    I'll be looking into this problem all day I suppose... please chime in with any info or suggestions

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    I'm running a virex scan right now but after that I'll be running mac scan the only mac scanner that I know of so far... I'll look through the thread you listed. Thank you

    oops... some one responded that I should read the adware/ spyware thread but now I don't see that message anymore maybe they removed it ...

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    Lol, sorry I deleted that post because I only read your post quickly, then I saw you use a mac and you talked about that trojan...
    And I don't think those spy/adware removers are available for mac.

    Could still be the hosts file. I don't know a thing about macintosh so other members will probably help you better.


    EDIT: thread: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=251218

    Just look in spyware/adware forum
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