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Hidden, for future reference you can check this site out http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite
It's a database of known spyware/adware and full descriptions and removal methods.
Along with Spybot, this should help you keep your computer clean.
Everyone reading this thread should check out this link Thank you for posting it ShagDevil

so far i've tried the following:
removing the file with the antivirus/firewall software, i believe he has Norton but i can't recall the version :/

i attempted to remove the folder in the Windows XP Home Edition GUI environment and had trouble

i stopped the loader.exe process in the windows task manager then successfully removed everything but the .dll file, i also rechecked the windows task manager and found nothing on my second look

I checked the attributes and the file is not read only

i attempted to delete it in the command prompt and failed

I wish I could go run over and try everyones suggestions now but my friend and I have very little common free time So i'm going to pass along the suggestions to him and request to be updated on the progress

Thank you for the help