I am trying to dual boot windows 98 and redhat I have an old Pentium I at 200 Mhz with 48MB of ram, got it for nothing and trying to get some use out it. The problem is that everytime I install redhat the screen shows up like it is magnified in the corner and blurred. It is kind of tough to describe my mouse pointer still shows up fine and is moveable. I started with red hat 9.0 didnt expect it to work and I experienced this problem as soon as the installation program tried to go to graphical mode. I figured no sweat this hardware is just to old and I kicked back to 7.3 I did a complete install without a problem and after rebooting the system when I hit the login screen I had the same problem. Did some research and the video card that I have a Trident Providia 9685 according to the redhat hardware compatibility search said that it is only compatible up to Redhat 7.2 so I then downloaded the iso's did an install of 7.2 and guess what the same problem. The monitor is a HP D3857A 1024 low emmissions. I also tried it with a AcerView 34T and I have gotten the same problem. The funny part is that the install of 7.3 when I did the monitor tests the image showed up fine but it wasnt until I rebooted that I had the problem. After that with my 7.2 install the problem showed up at the test phase of the install. I am not one to give up easy but I am running out of movies to watch while waiting for the iso's to download and the installs to complete. Any help here is appreciated.