Good day,

Are there any computer forensics professionals here?

I've been browsing the web lately and I've stumbled upon the field of computer forensics that stimulates my interest in getting involved in such field.

Iíve searched the web for profiles of computer forensic investigators and I noticed that most of these talented individuals have law enforcement or military background of which I have none except for my ROTC units (Reserve Officerís Training Program) that is part of my college course (taken up bachelor of science in computer science).

I also noticed that there are few education establishments that offers training on computer forensics but not open for the general public.

With regards to my technical skills, I worked for 9 years in the I.T. industry as an application programmer, technical support engineer, junior systems administrator, webmaster and currently, a systems engineer.

I have minimal computer security skills and recently concluded my class at the Cisco Networking Academy with hopes of availing the CCNA certification at the end of the month, so as to avail the security specific training of Cisco. Iím also considering taking the Security+ certification later on, to somehow compensate my lack of updated computer security skills.

What words of advice can be given to an I.T. professional like myself (with no law enforcement/military background) who is interesting in entering the field of computer forensics (training, certification, education)?

Tnx in advance.