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    I can see why you scared off the blind date...... You aren't exciting my crystals talking about it either....<snikker>

    OTOH, you are making some assumptions there. Mainly, that I am a know and watched "threat". Assuming I am then I would also be rated as "Extreme" for you to be paying that much attention to me. My example is for the average "Joe" to have his 5 minutes threatening the prez. before signing off forever, (assuming Joe has that much sense.... )

    Of course.... Now I pointed this out I will probably have the feds following me around in unmarked cars, dark glasses and trenchcoats waiting for me to buy one of these phones..... Don't worry guys.... I have nextel and my home number is in the book if you want me....<S>
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    Originally posted here by mohaughn
    How can you say "we" don't really need it. Perhaps you don't need it, and based on that you will not pay for it. There is obviously a market for this type of service or the companies wouldn't even be looking to sell it. What we "need" is a very ambigous statement. There are many different forms of "need" from the things that allow us to survive to the things that bring us enlightenment( Maslow's needs theory ) If you don't want to be tracked, don't carry a cell phone, it's that simple. The government is not forcing you to carry a cell phone.

    Damn those government conspiracies.
    I respect your opinion. I would however like to say this, I disagree with you my friend. When you are born into this world you accept things that you don't "need". There are really only four things you have to do while you are here. Eat, sleep, reproduce, and die. While the word "need" is a very ambigous. It is often misunderstood for the word "want". Perhaps I too have misused it. Further more, I wasn't referring to the cellular service. More so the tracking ability therein.

    I guess all this really boils down to is . "You can not simultaneously prepare for and prevent war."

    I appreciate the link you supplied. Perhaps we should move this discussion over to Ennis's boards?

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    That link sort of directs Maslow a little off from my understanding. To equate a cell phone to the needs theory is off point as well, it doesn't fit. The Maslow triangle is about basic human needs and that we are motivated solely by satidfying each block of lower need, it is the basis of existence, starting from the bottom of the triangle. For instance, we have physiological needs, or in this site example "body" needs that must be met before we can move on to "Security" needs. Without satisfying body needs one can never achieve security. Correct me if I am wrong but Maslow placed the most basic of mankind needs into Food, Shelter, Clothing. Without food, the body cannot function, without shelter the body is not resistance to climate and the elements, without clothing we also have no protection against the environment. Certainly a cell phone doesn't play into satisfying the need for social acceptance at a basic level, finding a mate and someone to share warmth with and correcting sexual tendancies in the species. A cell phone probably doesn't satisfy the desire to self actualize one's existence among mankind either. So yes I see the point of view that one may not need a cell phone but I don't see the correlation to matierialism and maslow. Also I don't recall maslow adding a "Spiritual" element to his theory, it's implied in self actualization but I don't recall that extra bit.

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    Ok right now they will sell you this service. Once the service is established then they will offer it for free and the advertisers will pay for it. The next step will be to make the service part of the contract you sign. This will happen slowly over time. Because there is big money in advertising it is a given that it will happen over time. The advantage to you the consumer is that it will cheapen the cost of your service over time in any free market ecomany. The disadvantage is you will be suckered into the spaming of cell phones over time with very little complaint. (Maybe not the users of AO as everyone here on the average seems to more observant of the world than what you find in most places).
    This kind of stuff is already happening in other areas of the digital world. Look at the newer car radios that are capable of receiving text on the FM airways in some places they are sending adds over the signal not just station identification. And get this they charge two different rate schedules one for an on air ad and one for text ads. The only way to fight it is earlier and loudly, make an issue of it now and you might make a difference in the long run. But most people are sheep and when the man tells them it is good for them they take it with out question. Thatís part of what I like about AO most of you out there tend to think about things just a little squed from the rest and that makes me happy to be squed right along with you.
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    My cell phone has a location indentifier program built in, but it also lets you disable this. I wonder if it is really disabled. I have a sanyo 8100 if anyone finds an article on it.
    I wonder if this is refering to "Calling Number Identifier" service.. ?
    The tracking service relies on 2 things
    First is your phones own Identifier (serial number, GSM Sim card number), this is like your IP on a network..
    Second is a radio signal.. with the radio signal your phone is pin pointed by standared Triangulation methods.. 2 or more monitoring stations are needed to pin point you..
    With GSM it is easy .. as it is a time domain system they know how far you are from the base, with analogue phone systems they need RDF equipment to determine direction.
    With both systems you don't need to be in a phone conversation to be tracked..

    As for the service of "allowing" my location to be made available.. two words.. "Big Brother"

    Ithink we just need to put the monitoring scales into the Loo and the cycle is complete.. (actualy there is a marketing opertunity here.. medical mainly but I think we can get the retailes to fid a way to take advantage.. bingo..

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    There are phones that have software built in that use time domain to report it's relative location and report to a controller what site it is connected to and which ones are in order for hand off by signal ranking.

    I read a book were medical companies had all the toilets in america wired and your "export" was analysed via a huge network. Crazy, but you never know. When a "sick" person was identified with some deadly strains of DNA virus, they were whisked away.

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