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    I'd suggest a format. Especially since PCcillin couldn't clean it. Then, after you reinstall everything, UPDATE. Update your AV, your windows, everything.
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    Often when an AV says it can't clean means the whole file is a virus, thus there is nothing to clean, as long as the executable isn't running should be able to manually delete, however I agree, with a major infestation like that, you want to format, you never know what came in during that mess.
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    I agree, format is easy solution. But it can be time consuming. Just imagine how much time it takes to install OS, then install all of your programs. 3 hours minimal.

    try to do this:
    [list=1][*]boot to safe mode (disable system restore etc.)[*]delete all infected files[*]restart[*]if everything works fine scan for viruses next few days[*]if there is a bunch of errors, you'll have to reinstall OS[*]if that doesn't help, you would probably have to format[/list=1]

    Some errors from step 5 might be of type "couldn't start program xxx.exe because it is missing". you will have to delete some keys for HLM\software\microsoft\windows\current version\run
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    I had a similar problem, but it was not a virus. I keep my AV up to date, run Spyware, and Ad-Aware. You do need to get rid of the virii, however they are not necessarily the problem. I think I messed something up by writing to a part of memory that I should not have been touching... or something. Anyway, I just rebooted and it worked. Norton AV is really good about cleaning and it does AV before it installs.


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