I recently bought a boxed set of RedHat Linux 9 and just tried to install it 2 days ago. Everything went fine in the installation until I started to install the packages. It created the partitions and formatted them, and started to install. So far so good. But, when it was finished with disk 1 it asked for disk 2, which I proceeded to insert. Now, anaconda tells me that I have the wrong disk, ejects it, and asks for it again. I tried inserting all the other CDs, in case it was labelled incorrectly, unsuccessfully. Also, disk 2 is recognized as disk 2 during a mediacheck. I don't know if I have a defective set, if this is a bug that was never fixed, or what. Should I try a minimal install without X (which is on disk 2 along with some other crap) or get a new set. Any input would be appreciated.