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    Why dont we just tax the Bush's kickbacks, or better yet the rich! (Since I am not one of them that works even better!)
    Exactly! Even more reason for me to stay cheap

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    Originally posted here by RoadClosed
    The UN has too much evidence to support otherwise. So let's pretend he destroyed them all, dismantled his biolabs, took the uranium out of scuds and played nice with the world. Now, where is that evidence? Where are the drums of uranium, where are the stores of toxic chemicals? Did I miss something, those things just don't evaporate into thin air. Did he turn them over to the UN? I can't find any documentation that says so, and in fact I don't even care.

    This is such an important point RoadClosed. Never hear the naysayers speak of it much do we?

    The way this works at the UN is not how it works in the American justice system. Saddam Hussein was/is not innocent until proven guilty, he was obligated to prove that he wasn't guilty. He had to prove that he didn't have the WMD and he never fulfilled his obligations to the UN (since we all knew he had the in the past [fact]). He was in violation of resolution 1441, plain and simple.

    Like I said before, if anyone wants to whine and moan about Saddam Hussein being overthrown then that's a personal problem. He was a mass-murderer plain and simple. Tell me everyone has not forgotten about the mass-graves we dug up? Anyone who is willing to defend Saddam's right to exist doesn't warrant a listening ear in my opinion.


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