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Thread: an SMTP implementation

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    Question an SMTP implementation

    Hello people
    I am stuck here with a little problem. As i am intrested in doing a little socket programming. I was looking for SMTP implementation. i got it downloaded from the net. Now I want to know about it that how it works. I have certain confusions about the code, that I want to clear. I am uploading the soucrce (smtp.c file) and I have commented every line with my confusion. I hope some one expert in socket programming will help me out with this.Yesi know it would take a little time but would be a great contribution towards my learning
    Thank you all...for reading

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    hello anybody home? I Am looking for some substance. Please help me out?

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    Sorry I don't mean to be rude but googling ip socket programming may give you better info rather than waiting for one here (the first link is good). But before start programming sockets, you need to understand the basic TCP/IP protocols (like SMTP) work. I see you are also confused on some basic C functions work like snprintf, so you may need to refresh your C knowledge.

    Like you, I tend to learn programming by examples. But the funny thing is sometimes I don't have enough time (deadlines, yes...) to fully understand how things work. As long as I'm sure (by a few trials and errors) when I do this it'll do that, that's enough for now. Just modify some parameters and it works like I want it to. Understanding will come eventually.

    My two cents.

    Peace always,
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