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Thread: UDP DoS that affects all platforms?

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    Heh, I gotta admit I'm kinda split on this one...
    I mean, while the possibility of such a vulnerability cannot be totaly excluded (since not only is alot of code shared but so are design patterns); then again, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof... which we haven't seen... yet(!/?)

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    I've been trying to find out what ever little I could find about this, and assuming that it's a recieve livelock problem (based on the links Negative pointed out), and hypothetising that it's a real issue, shouldn't using FreeBSD or OpenBSD complied with the option DEVICE_POLLING protect from such an issue? Granted device polling is not optimal in normal use but it could provide a quick workaround (*if* it were to be true, of course)...

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    I just don't see it. No two vendors use the same exact implementation of the TCP/IP protocol stack. For that matter, many vendors don't even follow the OSI ref. model exactly, but integrate several layers of it into a single module, and no two are the same.

    I think the flaw lies elseware.........but I could be wrong.

    Hope I'm not

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    Thursday January 22, 2004. 02:45 pm cst

    CERT has contacted us again...

    They are going to send the tool (binary only) along with some
    notes that we are just_now editing to vendors. (making list also)
    NOT as a vulnerability...
    but for further testing on the secondary effects,
    and any possible hardware combination problems.
    (those problems may simply be going offline or h/w errata)

    I am also including clearer_instructions and examples on it's use
    as some folks had trouble reproducing effects but didn't tell us...
    Hopefully we get our tiny caution/use manual correct this time. ;-)

    This may take a day or two...
    so for those concerned..
    it's enroute shortly.

    YAHOO! heh, good enough for now.


    ive been following this soap since yesterday and im kinda releived for this guy
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