M$- Thank you for contacting M$, how may I help you
ME- HI, i need some help uninstalling Messenger and some other junk in my computer that I do not need, and which my computer doesnt need them neither.
M$- What do you mean u dont need them, who told u you dont need them.
ME- Nobody told me, I just have no use for those programs and I could use the extra resources for something more productive.
M$- SAY WHAT! WE are tellin you u need those programs, CUZ WE SAID SO. we dont care how much space they take!
ME- But...but ..b
*Gator and coolwebsearch enter the room*
Gator- YO YO M$ how's it goin old buddy?
M$- Hey how's it going
Gator- SO.....you guys patched up those holes yet?
M$-What holes?
Gator (to himself)- Interesting Smithers, Interesting!
Coolweb- OH MAGOSH Gator, guess where this user's last website that he visited is? Oh wow check out all this private information. Thats a lotta free memory he has there, lets screw around with his computer . I'm gonna bring some buddies along, lets throw a party inside his Computer. You callin that Trojan band? THey were really good last time. We'll brig some tequila and get trashed on his comp .
Gator- Oh HELL YEAH. Peace out M$
M$(confused)- huh? What holes?
ME- uh oh!