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Thread: Ranting

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    M$- Thank you for contacting M$, how may I help you
    ME- HI, i need some help uninstalling Messenger and some other junk in my computer that I do not need, and which my computer doesnt need them neither.
    M$- What do you mean u dont need them, who told u you dont need them.
    ME- Nobody told me, I just have no use for those programs and I could use the extra resources for something more productive.
    M$- SAY WHAT! WE are tellin you u need those programs, CUZ WE SAID SO. we dont care how much space they take!
    ME- But...but ..b
    *Gator and coolwebsearch enter the room*
    Gator- YO YO M$ how's it goin old buddy?
    M$- Hey how's it going
    Gator- SO.....you guys patched up those holes yet?
    M$-What holes?
    Gator (to himself)- Interesting Smithers, Interesting!
    Coolweb- OH MAGOSH Gator, guess where this user's last website that he visited is? Oh wow check out all this private information. Thats a lotta free memory he has there, lets screw around with his computer . I'm gonna bring some buddies along, lets throw a party inside his Computer. You callin that Trojan band? THey were really good last time. We'll brig some tequila and get trashed on his comp .
    Gator- Oh HELL YEAH. Peace out M$
    M$(confused)- huh? What holes?
    ME- uh oh!

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    Hummm... coolwebsearch, trojans, and windows.... Coolwebsearch installs using the ByteVerify exploit in MS Java VM. So.... oh wait, whats this... http://www.microsoft.com/technet/tre...n/MS03-011.asp its been patched since June. But what if you don't want to run MS Java VM at all? http://www.winnetmag.com/Article/Art...206/38206.html Hey look... 4 entire steps to removing MS Java VM. Now you can go install the Sun Java VM if you so choose.
    Most spywares/adwares disguised themselves to appear useful harmless programs.
    Most of it IS harmless. If it is harmful, its not spyware/adware, its a trojan. Adware can be annoying by poping up advertisments but it doesn't cause damage. Spyware may send information to another company, but doesn't really cause harm, just takes away some of your privacy.
    There is no laws saying that it is illegal. Like was said before, read the EULA. When is the last time you actually read one? They are long and annoying, but you will see everything in there. There are restrictions on what spyware can send to the company though. They can not, for example, get your password or credit card number off your system. All they can really show is your browser history, most recent website, most visited website, and programs running on your machine.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    Question spyware/adware

    have adaware free download and run it frequently it seems to find all kinds of little bugs after reading from this thread it seems i should read the do you agree text more until then should i keep this and keep running it the concensus here seems to be that most of this is not harmful but as a newbie I have to start with baby steps to keep such things at bay

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    I agree with the people ranting and HT. There is a great deal of wonderful and/or beautiful things in life that are dangerous. In some cases they start out wonderful but some jerk decides to twist things (science to military anyone?).
    Unfortunately, as much as information technology has made great strides, we now face constant assaults that leave us paying the bill for the immoral, unethical and even evil practices of others. Who is going to reimburse me for fax ink & paper that spammers waste? Who is going to sue them so I can recover my $10? Not to mention making my fax line busy and even damaging my machine? On to pagers... before cell phones were quite as ubiquitous, someone discovered that they could page you from Virgin Islands, which has U.S.-style phone numbers, then end up charging you $25 for the phone call. They are outside the U.S.
    Now we have pop-up mania, and Windows has too many nooks and crannies to hide the little buggers. Who is going to reimburse me for the twenty hours I have spent these last two weeks trying to stop the endless cascade of pop-ups on three PCs? One of the computers is practically useless because of this malicious st.
    Saying that "it's in the agreement" is not a valid defense for the adware/spyware people - enough lawsuits have proven that. Besides, if there is a clause in an emplyoyment contract allowing strikes against management, does that mean the workers get to punch their bosses?

    Telemarketers are defending their right to interrupt our dinners on the basis of "free speach". If there was a clause that says "we have the right to format your harddrive", would that be acceptable terms? If so, then they can put in a clause that says "we reserve the right to come over to your house, lounge around on the couch and eat all your food, then shoot you with a high power handgun." Not all terms and conditions are legitimate, and some will not be understood by the people accepting them. I'm starting to babble.

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