Security Issue: Virus History
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Thread: Security Issue: Virus History

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    Security Issue: Virus History

    To Know and Execute Security from Viruses, Do I need to study all types and kinds of Virus?

    What site do you recommend for me to view?
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    A good start is to go to the major AV sites and read what they have to say:

    NAI (Network Associates)
    Trend Micro

    They have tutorials on viruses and you can look at the analyses in their virus libraries to see how they work in practice.


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    Virus Source Codes

    Use google if you need anything.

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    I wouldn`t suggest you download any virus source codes until you know what to do with them, in fact to strictly answer your question: No you don`t need to know all about viruses to be safe from them, just the same as you don`t need to know all about cars to drive one. If however you are interested in learning about viruses then check out the sites listed by nihil, that would be a good start.
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