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Thread: Brute Force

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    Humph! Well, I guess HT summed it all up nicely!

    HT makes a great point though, gotta say that I agree....
    - Maverick

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    Flame time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was looking on the techtv web site and saw something from that 'Unscrewed' guy about never having to pay for porn again. It was all about how to crack a password. Gees were do these people come from. GO GET A REAL LIFE!! They feel like slime. Ever see this guy? He looks like road kill. And he a first class *ss. Why in the world Techtv would have this guy on the pay-roll is beyond me. As for you 133750rz, go look up Mr. Roadkill. Maybe he will let you lick the slime off his boots and tell you all about cracking passwords.

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    lol? hk dont be mad u get abused by your parents everynight? shh dont talk anymore


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    I could help you out but I won't 'cuz you can do a search and find out everything you need to know on your own.
    [gloworange]If at first you don\'t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.[/gloworange]

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    I didnt think that AO was into helping people learn how to get into others computers,IMHO it had seemed to me that this site is aimed more toward preventing that.


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    ? have u noticed the flaming and the negs?

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    Hey look, I'm l337! I'm an Uber 4ack3r! I'm so l337, I had to ask how to crack a phuqin password!

    If you want to do it that bad, just download some ****in' phisher price toys and play with them.

    If you were really that wouldn't need them

    Punk ass bitch!


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    As exciting as all of this is, let's end it here.

    'Nuff said.
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