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Thread: APT, YUM, Synaptic and the like

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    Post APT, YUM, Synaptic and the like

    Alright, guys...I'm back. Again. No, for real this time. I swear.

    Okay, here's the deal:

    I've been trying to get some NES emulators to work on my Linux machine, which was running Suse 9.0. I had failures with most of them, because they depended on packages which dependend on packes and so on until I was sick of it.

    I finally found one Emulator from an RPMs website that should've worked with only one package install. I got it to work, except it said it still needed ATRpm >= 18. I installed their latest kick-start package, and I was surprised to see it still didn't work.

    I downloaded APT to solve my problem, and THAT needed other packages, as well as YUM. Of course, Synaptic doesn't work without those packages.

    When I installed Suse, I had nearly everything in there installed so as to avoid this sort of problem as much as possible. Yet it persists, although a few hundred packages, including some of the nicer ones, demanded to be included manually. ::Sigh:: So I skipped those that wouldn't be included with the rest of their groups.

    I'm getting ready to install and check out Fedora (I figure its worth a shot atleast,) but if that doesn't work out I'll try Debian and possibly switch back to Suse.

    Does anyone know exactly why I had this problem, and what I can do to solve it in the future? As soon as I get home I'll check on the package dependencies so that I can post those as well, perhaps I just missing one ginormous package...although the kick-start packages should have covered almost everything.

    Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

    Dang its good to be back at AO!
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    If I were you I would just use wine and jnes and save yourself an assload of trouble. Plus you can do others the same way:


    And as for the other,

    I don't know if suse has an apt-get, or a urpmi, but you are probobly just installing the files wrong. I can't really help you on those packages because I have never used them. Sorry Son.
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    Wine is my last ditch option. As for installing them wrong, I don't see how. They're RPMs. "RPM -ivh" has always served me well.

    Ah, well. ::Kicks the stupid snow, and begins to cry over the fact that he's snowed in. And stuck away from the Computer Show.:: ::SOB!::
    There is a ghost in the machine, and he is my friend.

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