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    Computernerd the link you have provided is full of dead links and more importantly contains links to warez sites among other illegal activities pages. I'm not disputing that there is some good info in there but I suggest you either warn people of where that link leads. I have seen that page before and refrained from posting it due to some of the content
    You 're right Ennis sorry about that. I should have warn people about that next time I will thanks for the heads up. But since scriptkiddie18 shared his link here's mine <--this site provides information on the most recent updates to all products and os's. Check it out. ComputerNerd22

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    But since scriptkiddie18 shared his link here's mine
    hahaha is this supposed to be funny....are you taking over the thread Computernerd22 ???
    declare war on him....ah im just joking like always lemme hug ya
    anyways not a bad site either....2 great sites what more can you want....sound familiar...alltel

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    txz for the link........

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