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Thread: MS Internet Explorer bug?

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    MS Internet Explorer bug?

    Hi Guys! I need help. Anyway, here is the situation:

    I created a website using PHP and mysql. Theres a part of it that will download data into an excel spreedsheet. I tested it using Opera, Mozilla, and IE and it was working fine.

    My problem arose when I tried to put the whole site into https. The download page is not working anymore on IE but its working on both the Opera and Mozilla. Whats funny is, when I tried downloading the data under IE, its telling me that IE is trying to download the PHP file! This is crazy! Luckily, the server does not allow that so I'm ok with it.

    My question is: is this a bug on IE? If then, is there a way to get around it?

    Any help/feedback would be appreciated.

    BTW, I am currently searchin on google for solutions.

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    Which version of IE are you testing with? Some earlier versions of IE (can't remember which ones, sorry) had issues with HTTPS, If your not running the latest & greatest, I suggest you download the latest version and try that.


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    Thanks for the reply Dj. Anyway, I found the solution for the problem. I just inserted a new line character after the application keyword and it works fine! Its crazy because I was not expecting IE to behave like that.

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