what are you actually doing with this program? (just out of interest)
I basically have some information in PDF format which is very valuable. E.G on Ebay.

I intend to sell this on EBAY but have found in the past that when you sell pdf's somebody else is selling them the following week.

1. PDF file starts %pdf
2. Heres the source for the front end.

You should now be able to completely be able to reverse engineer this.

Dim FileName As String
Dim FileNum As Integer
Dim FileBytes() As Byte

'Open File Here
'Veriable = "FileName"

FileName = Text2

'Reading File
ReDim FileBytes(FileLen(FileName) - 1)
FileNum = FreeFile
Open FileName For Binary Access Read As FileNum
Get #FileNum, , FileBytes
Close FileNum

'Encrypting/Decrypting Data
RC4 FileBytes, Text1.Text 'Password

'Save File Here
'Veriable = "FileName"
FileName = Text3

'Writing File
FileNum = FreeFile
Open FileName For Binary Access Write As FileNum
Put #FileNum, , FileBytes
Close FileNum