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Thread: Cracking SAM

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    although i think that if you have gotten the sam file legally, you also have the admin password, and i think your story isn't right, i have one tip for you:

    search google, there are plenty ways, just have to find them.

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    The man asked for a way to do this, you people shouldn't be concerned with why he wants to do this. Or the fact that he has a horrible excuse, just tell him what he wants and let him go into his corner.

    Ok, I've had a need to retrieve a password on my WinXP machine once, After googling for about a minute, I found the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor, basically it is a Linux boot disk that goes in, retrieves the SAM hashes. Now a while ago (must be about a year now), someone at AO found a web-interface to retriving the passwords from the hashes, if you search AO for Windows XP, ICP, SAM and possibly my old name (ac1dsp3ctrum) you might find it. Good Luck!
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    All your SAM are belong to us

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    previous thread

    Here's a good thread that gives some of the tools you'll need to extract XP passwords but not much of an explanation.

    Sam File

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    thanks newinnash, i could have thought about that myself too, but like i said, just search for it nothing bad intended.

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    Wait a minute, lepricaun....I think you did think of that...It was, after all, your thread he linked to, wasn't it?

    The man asked for a way to do this, you people shouldn't be concerned with why he wants to do this. Or the fact that he has a horrible excuse, just tell him what he wants and let him go into his corner.
    Nope, sorry...can't do it....cause if he uses it and gets busted, the FEDs take his computer. Then they read the posts on AO and they come knocking on Inetmon's door asking questions. Of course, when they produce a warrant (and they will), AO gives them the info on all the folks that helped him and three guys in really bad suits come knocking on everybody's door at 2am...except me.

    Maybe that's why I'm concerned.

    You can tell him anything you want, but I ain't saying $hit!

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    576869746568617, i think your right! that's why i think that he'll have to search for it, cause that's the only way to really learn something!

    and i don't think that the feds would come knocking on my door, since i'm about 3000 km's away

    and i've they do, so what, i've got nothing too hide, since i'm not doing anything illegal with my computer, i'm just here to learn, since i'm very interested in computer security and i would like a job in it ( now i'm a repair engineer ) ;

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    WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!! are you trying to tell me that if you tell someone to get pwdump2, as MsM did, that ao or bindview can be held responsible for what is done with it?

    If that were the case razor would have been in jail for a very long time now as would jp.
    this guy is asking for info for what he says is a legit reason...how are we responsible for what he does with it

    How many of you can actually do whats being asked here? now of those that can how many learned it on their own? now out of this group, how many of you are going around breaking into computers now that you know how to do it.

    you can use lc4 but you wont learn much more than how to use lc4. get pwdump2. it'll take patience and research to learn how to use it. nothing will be handed to you.

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    Have a look at Rainbowcrack , slightly different approach the L0pht. Takes a while to build the initial hash file, but then it flies
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    Also, I think Tedob is touching on a larger issues. Since coming back on here after a while I notice that lots of posts seem to receive replies along the lines of "we can`t tell you that, sorry, as you may do bad things" etc...Now, I know we are not here to advise people how to hack into sites and cause electronic carnage, but, and taking this case, if we explain to someone what to do to crack a Sam file, they still have to get it and then do something with once its cracked, so a lot of the work is still to be done. I guess I am just concerned that maybe some people (and 576869746568617 you are not one of them) are using some nice excuses in order to cover up the fact that they really don`t know much either and just want to give the illusion that they do.

    If someones asks a blatant hacking question like "How do I hack hotmail" then sure, flame them all day, but if someone asks how to do something that others might find useful then surely its our task to provide useful information?

    And I don`t think we are going to go to jail if we tell someone how to do soemthing. Well, maybe I am just hoping that people will be held accountable for their own actions...otherwise where does it end? If you are driving a car and run someone down and kill them is your driving instructor going to be thrown in jail?
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